PETROMAINT offers a full range of engineering for CMMS and EAMS needs and specializes in the implementation, training, consultancy and support of these systems.

PETROMAINT’s scope of services in this field covers the following:

  • Software Selection, Provision and Implementation.
  • Hardware Provision and Installation.
  • Optimization of Business Processes.
  • Maintenance Engineering Implementation.
  • Procurement and Inventory Systems Automation.
  • Integration with other Business Applications (ERP, Document Management System, Condition Monitoring, Project Management, etc.)
  • Software Applications and Maintenance Strategy Training Services.
  • Technical Support and Ongoing Services.

PETROMAINT CMMS / EAMS capabilities:

  • Information Technology (Software Developers, Database Administration Hardware and Networks Engineering).
  • Maintenance Engineering (Maintenance Engineers for Implementation and Operation).
  • Information Systems (EAMS integrated with ERP such as Oracle Applications).
  • Software Tools.
  • Libraries of Maintenance Work Procedures.
  • Practical and Specific Maintenance Experience.
  • CMMS/EAMS Successful Implementations in different Oil and Gas Plants.
  • Technical Support Agreements.
  • Co-operation with Software Vendors.

PETROMAINT is a leader in the provision of software and engineering implementation of CMMS/EAMS for ELNG, AMOC, ANRPC, Petromaint head office, Midwater, MOPCO, DAPETCO, Propylene and Polypropylene, GPC (Abu Sannan), and Amreya.
PETROMAINT provides RBI software and implementation for WASCO fields including engineering implementation of CMMS, providing RBI software and implementation including CMMS implementation of Port Fouad field inspection plans and procedures for onshore assets.