PETROMAINT has vast experience in fabrication, erection, testing of tanks, pipelines, manifolds and steel structures, both onshore and offshore.

PETROMAINT successfully built and revamped more than 300 tanks with different capacities. Our work scope included engineering, procurement, fabrication, testing, and installation in different Oil & Gas companies.

Crude Oil & Gas transmission pipeline fabrication and installation has been a key activity for Petromaint, whether it is a short flow line or a main pipeline to a major dispensing terminal.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        PETROMAINT provides services including Engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning & start-up of process plants such as:

  • Crude Oil Fired Heater capacity 2,000,000 ton/year – Assiut Refining Co.”Asorc”.
  • Two Lube Fired Heaters-Alexandria Mineral Oil Co. ”AMOC.”
  • LPG (Butane) Plant capacity 30,000 ton/year-Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Co.”Sidpec”.
  • High Pressure Steam Boiler capacity 92ton/hr- Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Co.”Sidpec”.
  • Refueling Station for Hurghada Airport- Misr Petroleum Co.
  • Blending Plant including tanks, pipelines and packaging unit- Alexandria Company for Petroleum Additives (ACPA).
  • Early Production Facility – South Dabaa Petroleum Co.
  • Construction of tank VR-Dome roof capacity 90,000 BBL- Alexandria Mineral Oil Co ”AMOC”.
  • Construction of tank 564- floating roof- capacity 90,000 BBL-PPC-Tanta.
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction of new Storage 4 Tanks Expansion New Projects, ELAB.
  • Fabrication and Installation of Jet Pipeline From West Delta Storage Area To Burg El-Arab, 21 km- ”COOP”.
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction Supervision, Commissioning and Start-up of the Compression Package on Turn Key Basis, ”WASCO”.
  • Construction of central W/S for mechanical & electrical car maintenance –Petroleum Arrows Co.
  • Design, Construction and installation of new water disposal /injection system- Esh El Mallaha Petroleum Co.
  • Supply &Install New Generation Package at Raml Field- Agiba Petroleum Co.
  • Mechanical and structural steel works at Dapetco Field – South Dabaa Petroleum Co.
  • Civil & Mechanical works for pressure reduction station at Desouk city –Kafr El-Shekh-”TRANSGAS”.
  • Preparation of Rig locations –”Bapetco – Qarun- Khalda- Petro Ameer”.
  • Fabrication & Installation of mobile tanks different capacities ( 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2400BBL) for Qarun-Khalda-Bapetco-Petroshahd -Agiba.

PETROMAINT provides special projects include but are not limited to:

  •  Inspection & Cleaning of pipelines through Pigging technique.
  •  Sandblasting &Painting using the suitable system based on the surface type and environment.
  • Hot, cold and acoustic insulation activities using rock wool, polyurethane foam, foam glass.
  • The cladding with Aluminum sheets, Stainless Steel, and Corrugated Aluminum.
  • Fireproofing activities for steel structure and different vessels using fireproofing approved materials.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  In addition to construction activities, Petromaint has the capabilities to achieve miscellaneous revamp and modification works such as:

  • Storage tanks, vessels, boilers, heaters, heat exchangers, coolers, structural steel, etc.
  • Sandblasting, painting, coating, thermal insulation for plant equipment.
  • Pipe lines, manifolds and its modifications.
  • Desludging & cleaning of tanks.
  • Buildings, Roads, Control Rooms, Fences, Tanks foundation …etc.